going to great heights to get the job done...

aloooooooha!!! i arrived in Hawai'i a couple of days ago and the weather is beautiful!!! since my body is on california time (or somewhere in the pacific) i woke up early yesterday morning (i'm not a morning person), before the sun came up (when mother nature calls, you answer). since i was awake, i decided to go down to Ala Moana Park to just hang out and enjoy paradise.

i had forgotten that the Honolulu Family Festival is happening right now. so Magic Island is filled with tents and rides. but i decided to walk around anyways and went to the end of the peninsula and was lucky enough to come across the Flying Maltese, a trapeze act from Venezuela and KGMB 9 doing live teasers promoting the HFF on its morning Sunrise show.

props go out to reporter Ramsay Wharton and weatherman Jeff Booth who were reporting live on-site. these reporters/daredevils didn't just report from the ground, they both braved the rickety ladder and climbed up 30' to the trapeze platform and did a segment perched high above the ground eye-level with the palm fronds.

Members of the Flying Maltese (L-R) Jordano, Dali, Saul and Gamal pose on the trapeze platform with KGMB reporter Ramsay Wharton (seated) during a break while shooting a live teaser for the Sunrise show at the Honolulu Family Festival at Ala Moana Park.

Jeff even had the cajones to take a flying leap!

as a photographer and journalist, i think it's important to look at things from different perspectives, not just visually, but with everything. life doesn't revolve around us. there are many other differing viewpoints and 1000 ways to use duct tape and skin a cat.

visually, you can get low or go high, shoot wide, shoot tight. while it's important to get the standard shots, you have to push yourself to get something different. what sets the great photographers apart from the masses is there vision. i'm not talking 20-20 vision, but there ability to 'see' things that other people don't.

so hats off to Ramsay and Jeff for literally going to great heights to get the job done.

(L-R) KGMB cameraman Jon Yasunaga, Jordano, Dali Maltese, KGMB reporter Ramsay Wharton, Producer Donna Smith, Gamal Maltese and Saul pose for a photo after shooting a teaser for KGMB at the Honolulu Family Festival at Ala Moana Park.


me and my first blog...

i'm jumping on the blogging bandwagon. why? i'm not sure. but i'm jumping on anyways and hoping that i don't fall off.

do i really have something important to say, i don't know. of course i like to think i do, but i suppose it really doesn't matter does it? if paris hilton and the kardashians can have a reality tv show, then i think i can at least have a teeny tiny portion of the world wide web.

while the majority of what i will write about is photography and my life as a photographer, since that seems to be the thing i have the most experience at, there are times i may talk about life in general. i think it's important to keep things in perspective and keep an eye on the big picture.

and since this will be photo oriented, i supposei should at least post a picture to accompany my first blog.

this photo was taken in Hawai'i, my favorite place in the whole wide world. two young kayakers prepare to head toward the Mokolua Islands off of Lanikai Beach, which is often voted the best beach in Hawai'i by the Travel Channel because of its soft sand and calm waters.

enjoy and mahalo (thank you) for reading.