Come sail away

have you ever gone landsailing? if you haven't, and you like adventure and have a need for speed, then you should try it. it's pretty fun. actually, it's a LOT of fun! sit back and watch...

the cool part about shooting the video footage is my friend Nelson built this rotating seat, the XCP-1, that attached to the back of the landsailer and it works GREAT! our friend Ely was the first guinea pig and went for a spin, literally, in the seat. then it was time to try it with me buckled in and videotaping our friends sailing around the El Mirage dry lake bed.

Nelson and i got some good footage for our first time out. we're heading out again this weekend for another trial run. now that i tried it out, this time i'm going to do a little directing and get some better footage. hollywood, here we come! ha ha!

here is the cast of characters...the Landsharks...
(L-R) Nelson, Lynne, Sunhee, Jack, Landon, Ely, Hope, Esther, Jimmy, Susan and me.