Have a Heart, Buy Some Art!

please feel free to share this with a friend...or two or 100...

the MIHO gallery
is now open!

i have chosen a few select photos from my travels to Hawai'i and Japan as well as a series of flowers. prices vary depending on the size and type. some are limited edition prints (signed and numbered : more expensive) that are ready for hanging while others are mounted and ready for framing.

so for the month of February, i am kicking of the grand opening with the "Have a Heart, Buy Some Art!" campaign to help raise money for a few long term projects i have been working on. it's a sweetheart of a deal for family and friends. you'll automatically get 20% off and 33% of your purchase will be tax deductible and will go towards making this world a better place.

to place an oder:
go to the MIHO gallery
click on limited edition prints and fine art prints.
find the perfect photo(s) for your wall(s).
click on "add to cart" to see the different sizes available and prices.
write the name/number of the photo and pick a size/price.
click on contact and email that information to me.
do not purchase the photo through the website. you won't get the discount or the tax deduction.

the final prints will not have any of the text on them. it is merely a security feature built into the website so that people don't steal my photos. yes, unfortunately, people do do that.

to order your print(s) or for more information, please send me a message by clicking here or on the contact button on the MIHO gallery site.

here are the projects you can support...

Project Hibakusha : Hope for Peace
in partnership with the American Society of Hiroshima-Nagasaki A-Bomb Survivors (ASA)
i am documenting stories from atomic bomb survivors to archive their stories and to create a traveling exhibit to promote world peace. i have over 100 survivors signed up from South Korea, Japan, Canada, Brazil and the US.

Ai Love Japan
in partnership with Pacific Film Currents
my friend Ken and I are documenting stories of tsunami survivors in Tohoku Japan to share with people in the US to encourage people to do more and give more. and in the process, we are learning about the community needs and raising money to provide direct aid to help them rebuild their lives.

the Garrett Miho Foundation
We assist children of single parent households so that children can continue to have access to activities and programs that provide life experience, leadership skills, interpersonal relationships and build self esteem. we are now supporting children in Japan who lost one or both parents in the tsunami.

thank you very much for your support...together, we can make this world a better place.